Banksy exposes himself discreetly in the streets of Venice to denounce mass tourism

He is always where we do not expect him. A few months after the self-destruction of his canvas freshly sold 1.2 million euros auction, found Banksy at the 58th edition of the Venice Biennale. The famous street artist has passed permission to expose his oil paintings installed on obsolete easels close to the St. Mark's Square. The British claimant named his work "Venice in Oil"And he left his series of paintings in the sight of passersby for hours before being dislodged by Italian police.

Well hidden behind his diary, Banksy did not do in half measure. Consisting of several paintings, his artwork form a whole. Together, his canvases represent an imposing cruise liner parked in the Venice lagoon where several gondolas are trying to make their way. Objective: to denounce the mass tourism which threatens the city ​​of the Doges.

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. Setting out my stall at the Venice Biennale. Despite being the largest and most prestigious event in the world, for some reason I've never been invited.

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If a few hours after his installation, the artist meets riflemen before being dislodged from its location for lack of authorization, Banksy did not choose the name of his work by chance. An important political message is actually hiding behind Venice in Oil. The one that can be translated as Venice in oil at the same time refers to the oil of the paint used and to that poured into the nature by this kind of boat. Boats that weaken more and more the city of Venice, built on stilts.

Parallel to thisartistic event of international scale, a graffiti was discovered on one of the walls of a Venetian house. The work was stencilled and depicts a child dressed in a lifejacket, waving a distress rocket which gives off pink smoke. Banksy, however, has not (yet?) Claimed to be the author. Thus, the British criticizes loudly and mass tourism and the lack of humanity of the great world leaders who do not come to the rescue of refugees. And as we were talking about it a few days ago, right now in Venice a whole bunch of artists gather for the Biennale just like Lorenzo Quinn that raises awareness of global warming.

Credits : Banksy

Credits : Banksy

Credits : Banksy

Imagined by: Banksy

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