Participate in the 2019 Golden Catons: the festival of ideas that rewards creative talent

This year, Golden kittens are back for an 8th edition! If you do not know yet this festival that advocates creativity open to all, we give you a quick overview! Founded by Laurent Allias and the agency Josiane, the festival of Golden kittens meets one objective: to bring out the talents and ideas of the new creative economy.

No need to be creative in an agency to assert yourself: Golden kittens welcome all talents, communicators, engineers, designers, artists or simply passionate about creativity. This year, Golden kittens pass a course with the ambition to be a true springboard for the creators, for the (Good) ideas and to address the major topics of our society with always this goal of progress for Humanity. The new baseline of Golden kittens in 2019 is thus all found: "Creative World In Progress".

The launch of the 2019 edition took place on Tuesday, April 9, in the offices of Virgin Radio, major partner of the event. Of April 10 the May 10 next, the participants will be able to send their creation on the site of the event.

More info on the site of Golden Chatons

The jury will then vote for the best achievements, which will be awarded on June 5, 2019 on the occasion of an exceptional awards ceremony to be held at a prestigious venue in the capital (we still keep the surprise).

We let you discover below the various categories of this 2019 edition and we invite you to send now your best creations on the festival site that will allow you, perhaps, to enter the pantheon of Golden kittens. Let's purr!

Credits: The Golden Kittens

Credits: The Golden Kittens

Credits: The Golden Kittens

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