He thinks to find a flaw in an email Tesla but is troller in beauty by the mark

Revealing a new product, when one is a world famous brand, is obviously a long-considered operation in which the slightest leak can be disturbing. We see it at the exit of each new iPhone for example, where the journalists try to divulge confidential information, more or less relevant, to satisfy the appetite of fans of the brand. But today it's not Apple that we're going to talk about but You're here, this car brand of electric cars co-founded by the very media Elon Musk.

Preparing the release of the Tesla Model Y, the fourth vehicle of the brand, the marketing team sent an email to hundreds of journalists to invite them to the unveiling event on March 14, 2019 in Hawthorne, California. Soberly baptized "You are invited", the email displays a simple visual showing the enigmatic silhouette of a vehicle in the shadows accompanied by a simple button to validate his participation.

Thinking of finding a flaw in this email, the American videographer Brownlee Brands had the idea to take a screenshot of the email to clarify the picture with the image editing features on the iPhone. His goal ? Successfully remove the shadow to reveal the car design and so be the first to unveil the new model.

But now, the marketing team of You're here thought of everything and when brands had finished his small editing operation, he realized that the vehicle was still as mysterious and above all ... that a message now appeared indicating just the hook: "Nice try" (Good try).

Ok well played @elonmusk @Tesla

- Brownlee Brands (@MKBHD) March 9, 2019

Visibly surprised and amused by this nicely thought-out troll, Marques filmed his action and shared it on Twitter. Result : his unusual tweet was shared by almost 40,000 people and loved more than 180,000 times in less than 24 hours!

A pretty marketing shot Tesla who benefited from the curiosity and notoriety of an influencer (Brands is still followed by more than 3 million people on Twitter) to promote the release of his new vehicle.

Of course, one might also wonder if the shot was not prepared upstream. Brand Brownlee and Elon Musk know each other and have already shot several video interviews together in the Tesla factories. But even if it was prepared in advance ... we can only hail the creativity of Tesla's CEO (and his teams) to always know how to talk about him and his interests!

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