This inspiring and poetic short film is a wonderful ode to perseverance

Do you remember theimagination no limit that you had younger? The power to transform a plastic figure into our hero, a stuffed animal into our best friend, a sheet on a plane bound for unknown destinations?

Sometimes we forget our child's soul, and how we can imagine absolutely anything we want. It's sad, yes. But thankfully, there are booster shots, like this one! A short film inspiring and poetic with the theme: never give up.

But who had the idea to do it? This is the young artist and directorAlyce Tzue who shared his most original dreams by realizing SOAR, which is none other than his end-of-year project at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. The public and the critics have been so much recognized in his desire to escape and his persevering message that the short film won a multitude of prices International!

The pitch? Mara is a teenager with a passion for aeronautics construction, but discouraged by her early failures, she thinks to give up ... until an unexpected encounter puts her to the test. She comes face to face with a (very) very small character, Lucas, who just broke his (small) flying ship. We do not really know where he's going, or even what he's wearing in his heavy suitcase. The secret remains intact until the end ... let you discover immediately!

SOARis a beautiful tribute to our childhood dreams and especially a beautiful lesson of life on the perseverance. Try, try and go to the end, because sometimes (as we can see in this short film), the third time is sometimes good! And if you enjoyed the creation, we advise you to take a look at the others short films detected by Creapills ... some are masterpieces!

Credits : SOAR by Alyce Tzue

Credits : SOAR by Alyce Tzue

Credits : SOAR by Alyce Tzue

Credits : SOAR by Alyce Tzue

Imagined by: Alyce Tzue

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