This creative Uber driver offers his customers a "menu" to choose the mood of the trip

What are your arguments for giving 5 stars to a driver Uber ? After all, not everyone is looking for the same thing. If the goal is of course to go to a specific place, the time spent in the vehicle must of course be the most pleasant possible. Some will seek the most total tranquility, others will want to discuss with their driver while the latter will favor good music. But anyway, no driver Uber The one we are going to talk about today has undoubtedly found the best way to meet all the expectations of its customers.

It's certain Twitter that a certain @LuisLovesGoats shared his meeting with George, a driver Uber who had a great idea to have a good time for his clients. The latter offers them to choose between 5 types of races, such as a menu, according to their expectations:

  • Stand Up: for fun discussions of all kinds.
  • The Silent Ride: for a silent race.
  • The Therapy Ride: for discussions that lift morale.
  • The Rude Ride: for those who want to be insulted or mistreated (why not ?).
  • The Creepy Ride : the driver says nothing but looks at the passenger through the rearview mirror ... Glaucous!

last night my uber gave me a menu on what kind of ride i wanted,

- Łuí (@LuisLovesGoats) February 25, 2019

The magic of the Internet then did its job, and George the chauffeur Uber had its moment of glory thanks to the tweet of @LuisLovseGoats. The latter has even taken the initiative to create a Twitter account, called @uber_george, which allowed him to become even more known on social networks and to share his famous "menu"In better quality.

More clear view of my menu ...

- GeorgeTheUberDriver (@uber_george) February 26, 2019

A good idea that proves that with simple everyday gestures, we can improve theclient experience. In this case, this driver Uber nice of Seattle found the winning formula for having 5 stars on his account!

Credits: GeorgeTheUberDriver

Credits: GeorgeTheUberDriver

Credits: GeorgeTheUberDriver

Credits: GeorgeTheUberDriver

Imagined by:GeorgeTheUberDriver

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