This chain of restaurants creates a sculpture with plastic straws to celebrate their disappearance

When you decide to stop using something, but you still have plenty of it, what is the right way to use it? For the restaurant chain A & W Canada, the answer was obvious:"to recycle" all remaining straws in stock, and turn them into a superb sculpture ! A strong and creative gesture, which makes known to the general public that the chain goes green, and from now on, favors biodegradable straws.

The sculpture "Change Is Good"is 10 meters long and was designed by the agency Rethink created by the firm TYGH, from 140,000 straws remaining in A & W stocks. It is currently on display just in front of the Union Station in downtown Toronto.

The company also announced its initiative to coincide with the "World Oceans Day", adding that plastic straws should surely be eliminated from the shops by the end of the year. Similarly, they claim to be the first in the fast food restaurant sector in North America to have made this decision. This good action should prevent 82 million plastic straws to finish in landfills or in the wild, every year.

With over 950 restaurants, A & W is the second fast food chain Canada's largest, surpassed by the giant McDonald's. Banishing straws is one of the many green initiatives of the brand, which aims to reduce its own environmental impact. Susan Senecal, Executive Director of the Restaurant Chain, commented:

Reducing waste is a crucial priority for A & W, and this is our way of making a difference. We wanted to create this sculpture to inspire people and businesses similar to ours, and prove that even small changes can have a big impact!

Once the plastic straws are totally eliminated, the restaurants will use straws cardboard ; these may last from 2 to 3 hours in a drink, and will be biodegradable from 3 to 6 months.

A & W Canada follow on from many other companies around the world to get involved in this fight against plastic waste, and in particular for the elimination of straws. A phenomenon which has become widespread in recent months. Many independent restaurants also made that promise. Among the companies involved, there is also IKEA, which plans to phase out single-use plastics by 2020, in an attempt to reduce its carbon footprint.

Nevertheless, this sculpture is definitely a cunning, creative and original way of sensitize consumers to climate change, as well as a superb brand com 'object, which will stay in the minds!
We're dying to go see her in real life, do not you?

Credits: Rethink

Credits: Rethink

Credits: Rethink

Credits: Rethink

Imagined by: A & W Canada and the agency Rethink

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