These citizens protest against potholes by growing plants

Sometimes you have to be able to show a little bit of poetry to provide solutions to the problems of everyday life. And inevitably, you can imagine, the initiative that we are going to talk about today is not only creative: it also has a real useful dimension to protest with a little beauty.

But above all, let's set the context. Do you know them potholes ? Behind this fun name are real crevasses that distort the roads, often caused by the natural wear and weight of the vehicles that go around. But these potholes can prove to be terribly dangerous for vehicles, bursting tires and sometimes accidents of the road.

Normally, the repair roads, and thus of these famous potholes, is taken care of by the cities and the municipalities concerned. But unfortunately, this is not always the case and some potholes are never healed. So, it seems that a new creative and original trend is emerging around the world. Many people have had fun planting flowers in these famous potholes.

And the goal is threefold: planting flowers can first block these potholes, although obviously it is not necessarily sustainable. In a second step, it makes them even more visible on the roads to better avoid them. Finally, it is above all a means of protest poetic and colorful to encourage cities to take the necessary measures.

We let you discover below these famous pot-poule decorated with pretty flowers. Like what, we can not repeat it enough: the simplest ideas are always the best. You can also take the opportunity to discover the initiative of the American artist Jim Bachor who repairs potholes by building creative mosaics.

Credits: Life of Dad

Credits: Paige Breithart

Credits: Paige Breithart

Credits: Paige Breithart

Credits: Mt Hood Summer Ski Camp

Credits: cyclemor3