This trunk seems suspended by a rope ... but in reality it is wood

Wood is a fascinating material that has always attracted men. And it's not the Canadian artist Maskull Lasserre which will contradict us. His handling of wood (and other materials) are really impressive as shown by the achievements on his portfolio. But the one that impressed us the most isSchrodinger's Wood and you will understand why.

At first glanceSchrodinger's Wood looks like 2 trunks separated by a rope. This is the image we have when we look at the work a handful of seconds. But if we dwell on it, we realize that the rope in question is made of the same wood as the trunks it separates.

This is a exceptional sculpture because the carved details are just extras:knots the rope that seems to crack under the weight of the trunk .... everything is there ! A titan work which you will find more details about the confection here.

Imagined by:Maskull Lasserre

Video: Don't Breathe 2016 - The Turkey Baster Scene 810. Movieclips (November 2019).