241 years later, these people pay homage to their ancestors

We are the July 4, 1776. The Thirteen colonies of North America formally secede from the Britain and finally have their independence: the United States of America are born. A founding episode in the history of this country that is celebrated every year on July 4th, as the Independence Day (Independence Day, in English).

A highlight of history that has been immortalized by the American painterJohn Trumbull through his painting "The Declaration of Independence (1817-1819) which in reality presents the presentation of the final text of the declaration to Congress a few days before it is signed by the Commission of Five.

The Declaration of Independence, by John Trumbull (1819)

After history place to marketing! 241 years later, on the occasion of July 4, 2017, the site which makes it possible to constitute a family tree and to carry out research collaborated with the agency Droga5 for a rather touching tribute to the Declaration of Independence. For that, the descendants of the actors of History present on the board took place in the same posture to reconstitute the scene. So we're talking about the descendants of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson,… just that !

A creative and unusual idea to promote a genealogy site that had to ask for a beautiful research work (That's good, it's their job). Obviously, at this level we talk about more than 6 generations therefore more and more "weak" links but it is interesting to notice miscegenation over time : Slavery in the United States was abolished only in 1865, the words of equality and happiness what constitutes this statement (directly inspired by the philosophy of lights) take only more sense!

Imagined by the agency Droga5

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