These 1000 "zombies" protest in favor of a more united world

We live in a society more and more selfish. Although it may seem paradoxical when we see the rise of social platforms, man has never been so egocentric and refocused on itself. A proof ? The incredible unequal distribution of wealth which has never been more important than today.

Faced with this sad evolution, some of us rise up and claim a more egalitarian and just world, like the German collective 1000 GESTALTEN. On the occasion of G20 à Hamburg, the members of this collective imagined an unusual way of protesting through a march to1000 "zombies". Zombies covered with a gray paint who seem to wake up little by little to lose their color and become ... humans.

Behind this surprising event that lasted well two o'clock, the collective wanted to open their eyes on the reality of a world which is slowly losing values ​​like solidarity and the sharing. A beautiful way pacifist and artistic to make his ideas heard!

Imagined by: 1000 GESTALTEN

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