These cans give the illusion of forming a bamboo when superimposed

All the art of packagingis to imagine creations that will surprise the consumer. But it is also a formidable area of ​​artistic freedom in which many artists and creators like to make their hand. This is the case ofMarcel Sheishenov, a designer based inBishkek (the capital of Kyrgyzstan) who unveiled an interesting concept baptizedBamboo juice.

In refining the shape of traditional cans and coloring them with a green gradientit gives them the illusion of being pieces of bamboo. Aligned to each other, on the shelf of a store for example, it would almost seem to see it a plantation... and I must admit that it is very surprising!

For more information on the project Marcel, meeting on his Behance.

Imagined by:Marcel Sheishenov

Video: Ernest Livingston Season 1 "Behind The Scenes" (September 2019).