100% biodegradable toys made by hand from bamboo

Toys entertain children and boost their imagination, it does not stop them as any production to have a adverse effect on the environment. That's why it's important to salute projects like that of the Australian society Made of Bamboo. Their ambition is very noble and consists in launching a range of cars entirely produced by hand with bamboo: a natural and therefore eco-friendly material.

Based in Melbourne the founding couple of this initiative launched a Kickstarter in order to see the scope of their project. A video has been produced to introduce the project and we encourage you to take part if you are interested. We find especially interesting the approach both retro and very news : retro because these toys are obviously reminiscent of those of our grandparents, news because this kind of responsible initiative will be more and more present in the years to come ... we hope so.

Imagined by: Made of bamboo

Video: Unboxing !!! Bamboo Kids Picnic Set Eco-Friendly Fun !!! (November 2019).