These 3 shorts will make you want to eat plastic

Like all disciplines, the production of films and short films has its stars. And among the big names in the field of stop motion, a technique that consists of giving life to objects by moving them by hand, we present SEP. We do not know his real name but this genius describes himself as "a guy who will make you want to eat plastic". And he does not believe so well ...

This American who lives in Los Angeles totals more than 300 million views on his Youtube channel. He presents short films in stop motion (or mini scenes of a few seconds) of which one has already been nominated Oscars in 2013 : it is Fresh Guacamole and we present it to you below. Very sensitive to cooking, culinary preparations often come back in his themes, that's why we made the choice to select you 3 stop motion shorts that we found just fantastic.

Highly sought after by brands for his creative genius, PES has already achieved more than 70 advertisements including the very famous and impressive pub of Honda named Paper. To learn more about the king of stop motion, visit his website:

Submarine Sandwich

Made in 2014, this short film presents the preparation of a sandwich. christened Submarine Sandwich (you will understand why by looking at the end), we see PES cutting out like a butcher different sports articles. An impressive achievement that allowed this film to be viewed near 19 million times !

Fresh Guacamole

Made in 2013, Fresh Guacamole shows the realization of a guacamole. Here lawyers are replaced by grenades and cores by billiard balls ... we love the idea and the visual resemblance. Once again, we can only be stunned by the quality of the animation, which has been watched over 66 million times on Youtube. Absolute crowning, Fresh Guacamole was selected by Academy of Oscars to be nominated in the category Short film.

Western Spaghetti

FinallyWestern Spaghetti ! This is one of the oldest stop motion shorts of our artist ... but also the most popular of his channel with soon 87 million views ! Once again, we are on a cooking recipe, spaghetti obviously, whose preparation returns us the brain. We find here many techniques and styles that will be used in the other 2 shorts above.

Imagined by: PES

Video: How We Can Keep Plastics Out of Our Ocean. National Geographic (December 2019).