The Best Shots of the 2018 Most Fun Animal Photo Contest

Every year, Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards reward the best unusual pictures featuring animals. Very often, it is surprising and amusing clichés that testify to the talent and some patience photographers who are at the origin.

Currently, applications are open for reward the most beautiful fun pictures of animals carried out 2018 and it is clear that the first contributions sent are worth a look. We still wonder if it's about talent or about "Chance that makes things right" when we see these shots, but with a little hindsight, we say that finally, it is surely a mix of both and that is much better!

We let you see below the 20 best photos available at Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2018, waiting to have the complete list of the competition that you can discover on the official website of the event. For the curious, here is the winners of the year 2017 which we were talking about a few months ago. And if you like the pictures of animals, we also propose you to discover the excellent work of Tim Flach who drew the portrait of different endangered animal species ... and it's really beautiful.

Credits: Geert Weggen

Credits: Becky Schott

Credits: Amny Kennedy

Credits: Valtteri Mulhklahainen

Credits: Varun Thakkar

Credits: Yusuke Okada

Credits : Shane Keena

Credits: Dmitry Utkim

Credits:Laszlo Potosky

Credits: Mary Hone

Credits:Michou Von Beschwitz

Credits: Simon Gee

Credits: Muhammad Faishol Husni

Credits: Nick Parayko

Credits: Maria Kula

Credits: Amy Kennedy

Credits: Denise Dupras

Credits: Tim Clifton

Credits: Charles Sharp

Credits: Jakob Strecker

Credits: Isabelle Marozzo

Imagined by: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

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