This brand has designed jeans "upside down" in reference to Stranger Things

In just two short seasons, the series Stranger Things has federated millions of fans around the world. Its unique SF atmosphere, impregnated of the greatest movies of the 80s, plunges us into a fascinating world where children discover "the world upside down", an alternative and dark dimension where terrible creatures have taken control of humanity.

So, to bounce on the series Stranger Things and echo that famous "Upside-down world", the brand CIE Denim had the idea to imagine a series of jeans pants and shorts who have the particularity ... to have been designed upside down. Specifically, the pockets of these jeans are at the ankles, while the frayed bottom is found at the waist.

And to push even more tribute to the series, the brand had the idea to name its different models based different protagonists. A totally crazy idea that we propose you to discover more details on the official website of the brand CIE Denim.

On the other hand, we will have to put the price to obtain one of these singular models, which are marketed at 500 dollars each. And yes, dress like in "the world upside down"it's not easy!


Credits: CIE Denim


Credits: CIE Denim


Credits: CIE Denim


Credits: CIE Denim


Credits: CIE Denim


Credits: CIE Denim

Imagined by: CIE Denim

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