The 10 creative tweets of the week (# 58)

Like every Monday, we suggest you take a short break to discover our selection of creative tweets. As usual: humor, creativity and good distribution well placed.

Let's go !


Hello little beauties, we will call a candidate to the liver transplant, we will make him believe that an organ is available.

- Leonid Brezhnev # 3684 (@Leonid_CCCP) May 20, 2017

There are hackers who take the lead in hacking complicated things to get info while just ask Trump.

- Jean-Moundir (@supermegadrivin) May 16, 2017

I'm coming back from the future and "CordonBleu Mag" is accredited for every international presidential trip. Le Monde, in eco class, grinds teeth.

- Benoît Gallerey (@bengallerey) May 18, 2017

When we call you for an interview, while you're sleeping in your coffin.

- Leonid Brezhnev # 3684 (@Leonid_CCCP) May 15, 2017

Career of Manuel Valls:
-1st Minister
- taught at the primary
-vired PS
- from EnMarche
-battu by Francis Lalanne
-the angels season11

- Tony Saint Laurent (@tony_st_laurent) May 16, 2017


Feel like thrills in your life? Install your bank's app

- MadamePeel (@ MadamePeel21) May 15, 2017

"And if I lose my position as President of the United States, I go to Evry against Manuel Valls."

- Person (@ceciestmontweet) May 18, 2017

Finally it's also a fire, it's warm ...

- L ค L ๏ ๏ չ є (@ LaL00ze) May 17, 2017