With a simple mirror, he makes unreal photos on a salt lake

His name is Murray Frederickshe is Australian and can not be said to be an amateur in photography. Exhibiting his work in very many galleries internationally, he has won dozens of awards and honors as shown bio on his website.

Recently he started in the project "Salt"And it must be said that it was the latter who caught our eye. "Salt" is a series of photographs made on the Lake Eyre who is the largest expanse of salt water Australia and Oceania with an area of ​​9,300 km². It is on this panorama unique in the world, that he had the idea to put a broad mirror on the water for the purpose of create a dreamlike atmosphere.

It must be said that the lake's water creates a natural mirror that transforms it into mirror of the sky. So to add a mirror in this universe could only reserve us surprises. In addition to these photographs, Murray Fredericks realized a making-of video of his project "Salt".

A breathtaking creative photo project and a pleasant and surprising artistic vision. Photos (below) are of exceptional purity, to believe that the photographer used Photoshop ... but no.

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Imagined by: Murray Frederick

Video: Liquid Sand Hot Tub- Fluidized air bed (December 2019).