10 tips to promote your brand on Snapchat

In a few years, Snapchat has established itself as "THE" social network par excellence Millennials. Its instantaneous format, its singular approach around "Stories" have literally seduced Internet users, especially the youngest. Facebook and Instagram are also strongly inspired by what Snapchat offers, proof of the growing success of the application.

But how to succeed on Snapchat when you are a company. What content to share? What are the mistakes not to commit? We offer 10 tips to promote your brand on Snapchat without spending a single penny on the purchase of location-based filters and lenses. And yes, it is possible.

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Share your events

Snapchat is surely the most appropriate social network to share your company's events. Do you organize an evening or a salon? Share several clips to your Snapchat community that will be happy to experience the event as if it were part of it. An extra brick to reinforce the feeling of closeness with your followers.

Make demos of your products

With its clear and synthetic format, Snapchat is perfectly suited for you to make short demos of your product. What's more, the format "10 seconds" will force you to be synthetic in your approach to better capture the attention of potential consumers. Be direct, get straight to the point!

Show the scenes of your company

There is what we see of a company, and what happens in "backstage". Consumers may like a brand, they also need to create a sense of closeness around a more human relationship. Snapchat is perfect for showing off your business daily and introducing your employees to your community.

Offer offers to your followers

A simple and effective way to increase your community on Snapchat. For example, offer exclusive promotional codes that will only be visible in your Stories. This is an additional way to add interest to your Snapchat account by increasing the loyalty of your followers.

Share Snaps of your followers

A community is built with many people. It's not just about putting you forward, but about establishing a real dialogue with your followers. Remember to challenge your community with small games asking them to send photos. You can later share these photos in your Story. An additional initiative to build sympathy with your consumers.

Tell stories

What if you used Snapchat to tell stories? Some brands even invent characters that will interact with each other on Snapchat. By linking the Stories, you can tell your community stories to keep it active. It will feel like watching a small movie of your brand.

Pay attention to what you share

Snapchat is the social network of the ephemeral. Basically, your Stories are not accessible after 24 hours. But that's not a reason to share everything and anything. Even if you receive a notification, your followers have the possibility to take screenshots of your publications. Do not post anything that could harm your business.

Chat with your community

When you share content in your Story on Snapchat, your followers have the opportunity to respond by sending you a message. And who says message, said exchange! Take time to respond to your Snapchat fan solicitations to unite a united and unified community.

Show a cool image of your brand

Advice in line with the backstage side of Snapchat. If you use Twitter or Facebook more conventionally, Snapchat is the social network of Millennials and is therefore particularly suitable for sharing lighter content. It does not mean that you have to share everything and everything, but it's an opportunity to show a more "relaxing" facet of your brand.

Create the lack while being regular

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Snapchat is a less demanding social network for regularity. Do not spam your community that will get tired of your Stories. There is therefore a balance to put in place to create a lack while being regular in your publications to not make you forget.

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