PornHub mobilizes its community to stimulate the libido of pandas

Pandas are among the animal species that have the most trouble reproducing. And for good reason: giant pandas spend 16 hours a day eating and the rest of the time sleeping. On the other hand, females only have 2 days a year during which they want to have sex. Of course, it complicates a little the deal in terms of reproduction ...

PornHub, the famous porn site, had a surprising but clever idea to support pandas breeding. PornHub invites users to disguise themselves as pandas and film themselves during their antics and then post them on their site. Scientists use videos to stimulate the libido of pandas. Unfortunately, these videos are missing ... PornHub intends to remedy this by federating its community. $ 100 will be donated to a video association posted.

A totally surprising idea, at the limit of the WTF, which modernizes yet again the image of porn and its marketing. And if in addition it is to support a good cause, that asks the people.

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