The 10 best ideas of the week (n ° 34)

You had a busy week and little time to devote to the creative news? No problem, it's recap time. Like every Saturday, we invite you to discover the 10 best creative ideas of the week.

Let's go for the #CreaRewind!

It reproduces your 3D portrait by taking inspiration from the best animated films

Based in Vietnam, Lance Phan is a creative artist who likes to turn the faces of users on Instagram, as if they were straight out of a movie Pixar or Dreamworks.
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This moving spot illustrates a grandfather who embarked on learning English

It is not always easy to learn a foreign language, especially when you are a certain age. In Poland, the Allegro auction site tells the story of a great grandfather who starts learning English.
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10 unusual and creative cakes for your starting pot

Do you have a colleague who is leaving your company soon? If you want to surprise him, here is a series of creative cakes for starters that are seriously worth a look.
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A surprising and controversial display in Madrid for the Narcos series

In Madrid, Netflix is ​​strong this year with a controversial display for the series Narcos, which creates the amalgam between the snow and the famous "white" Pablo Escobar ...
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They revisit children's monster drawings by making them realistic

The Monster Project is a very successful creative project in which several artists collaborate to revisit children's monster drawings, which take on a much more realistic dimension.
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Netflix creates a candle that changes smell every new episode of a series

Soon the long winter evenings to chain series under the duvet. Netflix has imagined an original candle that changes smell every new episode of a series.
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Nike offers a sequel to the iconic cartoon "Space Jam" in its new TV spot

If Space Jam is part of the cartoons of your childhood, this new spot of Nike and Foot Locker should please you. Bugs Bunny and his friends are back, and this time alongside basketball player Blake Griffin.
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The Advent calendar of cheese fondues

Do you prefer chocolate cheese? A blogger had the idea to create an original Advent calendar that contains different kinds of cheese.
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A floating gym that works thanks to the energy of the athletes

In Italy, the studio Carlo Ratti Associati has devised a concept of floating gym on the Seine, which would work thanks to the energy of the sportsmen.
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An unusual hotel that offers you to sleep in a library

Bored of classic hotels? In Japan, this unusual hotel offers you to sleep among the books, in a real library.
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