Yahoo changes name and becomes Altaba

Goodbye Yahoo, hello Altaba! One of the biggest historical nuggets on the web is bowing out as an epilogue to a crisis that never seemed to end. Verizon has just finalized the buyout of the group for $ 4.8 billion and departs Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, Board of Directors.

If Altaba becomes the name of the group resulting from this acquisition, a party will still retain the name of Yahoo and consolidate the Internet activities of the web giant. The part "Altaba" will simply be an investment holding company with the mission of bringing together and managing the assets not acquired by Verizon.

All is not over yet for Marissa Mayer who could retain a place at Yahoo within Verizon. As a reminder, the name Altaba comes from the contraction between the old search engine Altavista and Alibaba, of which Yahoo still holds 15% of the shares.

Yahoo, giant history of the web ...

... changes its name following its acquisition by Verizon

Goodbye Yahoo, hello Altaba!

Video: Yahoo changing its name to Altaba (November 2019).