The 10 creative tweets of the week (n ° 26)

Need to take a break in your work day? We suggest you take a short break with the selection of the 10 best creative tweets of the week. This week, the topics of choice are the return of the classes and the departure of the government of Emmanuel Macron.

Let's go for the chronicle #CreaTweets!

Mr. Yann Barthès, a message to give to your former employer?

- Sarkoverine (@ Tw0lverine) September 2, 2016

The return of Yann Barthès looks terrible!

I am looking for a biologist to create a mosquito that sucks our fat instead of our blood.

RT appreciated, it's urgent.

- Lena (@MystereFreeze) September 3, 2016

Finally, a useful mosquito!

Like every year, we will be due to the reports of moms who accompany their children at school # rentreescolaire

- Mrs. Clairon (@Madame_Clairon) August 31st, 2016

has returned from little Emmanuel!

If I disappear, do not show my photo on milk cartons. Post it on beer bottles otherwise my friends will not find me

- Alex Trần (@alexkimtran) September 3, 2016

e the importance of choosing the right product!

On average, a cat spends 70% of his life sleeping, leaving only 30% to shoot YouTube videos.

- The Habask (@thehabask) August 30, 2016

has a hard life of cat ...

... the operator.

- IngridZerbib (@ingridzerbib) August 29, 2016

and the operator.

The best time of the year is still when we write our name on the blackboard to do as in movies. # Rentree2016

- Monsieur Le Prof (@MsieurLeProf) September 1, 2016

the desire of a teacher!

I'm working on a new game there.
The principle is that you never get to catch them ...

- Fabien V (@ Fabien_v31) August 30, 2016


#Macron is eliminated from Secret Story.

His secret in the adventure was: "I'm not socialist."

- Olivier Geai (@OlivierGeai) August 30, 2016

The secret of Macron unveiled in broad daylight!

Do you know why we are talking about "waves" of terrorist attacks? Because they allow the politics of surfing

- Yoda (@N_yoda) August 29, 2016