The 10 creative tweets of the week (n ° 34)

It's not because you are so much a bridge that you do not have to be creative tweets of the week. Whether you're resting or not, it's time to take a break and check out our selection of the week.

Let's go for the chronicle #CreaTweets!

Bank Account Consultation - Oil Painting - 1560

- Clem (@benseek) October 27, 2016

When art tries to talk to you

Bruno Mars if he was born in France he would be called Jean-Michel Balisto.

- moonie (@ Moonie7875) October 28, 2016

He still prefers Bruno Mars!

- And do not forget, this night we change time: at 3am it will be 3h10!

- Olive M (@marcais_olive) October 29, 2016

n introduce you to the meridian Cope!

Yesterday we learned that chocolate bread costs 10 cents and today that one in 2 French is overweight.

You do not waste time.

- Jean-Moundir (@supermegadrivin) October 25, 2016

unchline of the week!

And now, we're going back one hour. He will never finish this fucking five years.

- VaLOLic (@Valolic_) October 29, 2016

Holland is trying to save time ...

And you, what are you tweeting?

- Nini_MacBright (@Nini_MacBright) October 25, 2016

I saw it!

Stop everything: I found a chocolate cake at 12 cents (1,27 euros for ten) for @jf_cope #FactCheck

- Manon Rescan (@manonrescan) October 26, 2016

ope was not wrong finally!

The world does not want this internet there

- Brice Bossavie (@BriceBossavie) October 28, 2016

uand Facebook Live goes too far ...

Another earthquake in Italy. Looks like the Earth is saying, "Thanks for inventing the pizza, your mission is fulfilled, die now."

- Death (@LaMortLaVraie) October 27, 2016

do not think for Italy anyway ...

When you already have your little winter bump but you have to find a costume for Halloween 🎃

- Paulo (@PauloChaud) October 26, 2016