#PetitsPapasCM: when CM celebrate Christmas on Twitter

It's a fact: there are many very talented community managers in France. And when in addition they have the intelligence to know how to work hand in hand, the result can be very surprising! It all started with an initiative launched on Twitter by the Interflora CM. The latter had the idea to set up, in collaboration with all CM who wish, the operation #PetitsPapasCM.

Something is coming ... ❤️ # PetisPapasCM

- Interflora France (@Interflora) December 14, 2016

The principle is simple: create a common Christmas hood where each CM comes to bring a gift related to its brand. The most creative user who tweets with the #PetitsPapasCM hashtag will win the entire hood. An excellent idea that allows these brands to combine their communities to set up a great viral Christmas operation. We let you discover below the different CMs who participate in the operation and their contribution.