Airbnb invites you to spend the night in Dracula's Castle for Halloween

Among the horror stories, that of Count Dracula is surely one of the best known. The most famous vampire in the world has its own castle in Transylvania. For Halloween, Airbnb offers to spend the night in Dracula's Castle ... if you dare.

Vampire fans will experience total immersion in Dracula's legendary hideout, where they will be welcomed by the great-grand nephew of Bram Stoker himself, the author of the famous literary work. On October 31, two reckless travelers will have the chance to relive the story of Jonathan Harker, the protagonist of the Roman Dracula. At dusk, they will be invited to make a carriage arrival in the misty mountains of Transylvania, at Brun Castle. This dismal 14th century residence served as an inspiration for Dracula's Castle in Roman Bram Stoker. For more information, visit the operation page.

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